Gadget Protection - About

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Gadget Protection is the first worldwide initiative at providing a platform that protects goods that are lost or stolen anywhere around the globe. Using this website, you can register your devices and report them stolen or lost in seconds. These products are registered based on their serial numbers, so as soon as someone searches for a product on our website, if any product that has that serial is registered, it will appear as a result, along with the status of the device.

As such, a legitimate buyer will be able to avoid stolen or lost products, and he or she will be able to give the rightful owner more data about where that product has been found. Moreover, shall the buyer be unsure or suspicious that the status might be outdated, a request can be sent to the owner asking status confirmation.

We are open on collaborating with legal authorities (e.g. national police) in cases when, for example, products that are suspected to be stolen are retrieved and we hold that about the owners of those products in our database. In these cases, we will provide the authorities with as much data as possible about the owners.

In case you need to get in touch with us, please use the form below or write us at hello (at) gadget-protection (dot) com.