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This platform allows users to register their devices, and report them if they get lost or stolen.

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Because many products get lost or stolen, and because it's difficult to know whether a product you intend buying has a clear history.

Also, we facilitate the return of your products to you by allowing the person who finds products with the serial numbers that you reported stolen or lost to alert you.


As soon as you have an account, you can begin registering your products by providing a few details about them. Shall they get lost or stolen, it's dead easy to report them as such.

Then, if someone finds your product, they'll see its real status, avoid it and help you get it back!


Unfortunatelly, we suffer from an obvious limitation. We don't have and we cannot have every possible product registered.

As such, we can only let you know of the products we know about. So if a product is for sale but it has not been reported stolen by its rightful owner, we cannot alert you about that product.